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United Export Corporation (U.E.C.)

Founded in 1939, and originally located in South Bend, Indiana, USA, U.E.C. started out in the industry by offering fire protection equipment to a petroleum company in Latin America. Today, U.E.C.’s offerings reach clients in over 75 different countries. Take a look at some of our most important milestones along the way:

Year Event
1939 U.E.C. was founded as a translation service.
1960 U.E.C. morphed into an Export Management Company (EMC).
  U.E.C.'s business model was based on exclusive relationships with USA fire protection manufacturers, representing them in international markets.
  U.E.C. developed ways to succeed in international markets by offering a wide variety of fire protection equipment under one umbrella.
  Most products were UL listed and FM approved, which was rare at the time.
  U.E.C. was very successful in overcoming the challenge of marketing and selling globally into Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe & South America.
1975 We first developed our private label program.
1978 Our first product under our private label program, pressure sensitive masking tape, was released leading to increased sales.
1988 U.E.C.'s private label program becomes popular in the Middle East.
  The successful marketing of one line of tape spawned 400 new products.
1989 U.E.C. was awarded the “E” award by President H.W. Bush.
1991 U.E.C. received the “E” award again.
2005 Export sales increased to $84.0M - nearly 7 times the sales from 1988.
2010 Mircom Group acquires U.E.C. as a strategic initiative to expand their product offering portfolio to international customers.
  U.E.C.'s range of firefighting & protection equipment complemented Mircom's fire alarm, detection & building communications products.
2014 U.E.C. currently exports to over 200 customers in over 75 countries from its earlier history of selling one product to one customer in 1960.

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